Morricite Thin Set Epoxy Over MasterFlex Membrane


Thin Set Epoxy Terrazzo is the predominant system in use today.

  • Thinnest, lightest weight system available with vastly superior tensile strength and compressive strength.
  • Excellent chemical resistance (stain resistance) and the lowest maintenance cost of any hard surface flooring.
  • Limitless color options.  Resins are custom matched to any color in your fan deck.
  • Environmentally friendly, low odor formula is safe for renovation projects.
  • Outstanding workability, color consistency and performance.
  • Unlimited strip geometry.  No strips are required, but are commonly utilized to enhance appearance.
  • Thickness 3/8” or 1/4” (1/4” system should be used only with simple and open strip patterns such as School and Pharmaceutical projects and where there is a close tolerance for flatness).
  • Incorporates flexible epoxy MasterFlex membrane for crack detailing or in some cases full MasterFlex membrane to prevent crack mitigation from the substrate.
  • Incorporates MasterGard MVR1 Moisture Vapor Suppression System which makes it possible to successfully install impermeable flooring (not just terrazzo) on concrete substrates with high moisture vapor emission (MVE).
  • Quick cure and excellent turn around allows for high production installations with minimum impact on General Contractor’s schedules.
  • No requirement for depressed slabs.
  • Limitation: System is not breathable; requires a proven vapor barrier (i.e. specify according to ASTM E-1745 Class A or B; install according to ASTM E-1643)

Morricite Thin Set Epoxy Over MasterFlex Membrane


  • Ideal for crack detailing or full slab underlayments to mitigate reflective cracking.
  • 100% solids, flexible epoxy membrane containing no VOC’s or plasticizers, which may migrate into building.
  • Provide crack bridging performance equal to or greater than the expensive sand cushioned systems.

Sand Cushioned Monorazzo


  • The best cement system available.
  • Best system where a breathable alternative is required; excellent for subterranean applications.
  • Divider strips must be separated by no more than 4 feet in every direction.